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Zone 2 Anilite

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The Zone 2 Anilite medical-grade infrared light safely stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles, accelerates healing, and relieves pain associated with many physical ailments.



  • Red light therapy for pain uses an infrared light to penetrate into the body’s tissues. Higher frequencies move deeper into the body, but generally the light penetrates the skin approximately two to ten millimeters deep.
  • 190 LED Lights.   Use a combination of Infrared, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red LEDs.   Switchable to 16 Blue LEDs.
  • Easy to use Hand-Held Unit with Nylon straps.
  • Can be used on all types of Animals.
  • Suitable for both Professional and Personal use.   
  • Used to relieve Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, Heal Arthritis, Speed Up Wound Healing, And Much More.


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