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Red Meeker Raspberry Seed Powder

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The ellagitannin content of raspberry seeds varies dramatically with the variety of the berry. The highest levels of ellagitannins are found in the Meeker variety of raspberry. SMDI has selected a processor who guarantees us 100% Meeker and are willing to actively control their raw material stream to satisfy our strict nutraceutical requirements. SMDI processes the seed into a maximum of - 70 mesh bioavailable flour which frees the ellagitannins for immediate adsorption and transformation into ellagic acid. It can be mixed with fruit juice, milk, yogurt etc.

Ingredients (1 Teaspoon)

- Red Meeker Raspberry Seed Powder (4,000 mcg ellagitannins)
- No artificial flavours, Colours, or preservatives.


Keep in a cool dry place and store between 15c and 30c. Refrigerate after opening.
Take 1 teaspoon daily. Per 100 pounds / 45 Kilograms of body weight. Or as directed by a qualified health practitioner.
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