Raspex 30

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Protects to a level of  SPF 30f or both UVA & UVB. Rub this cream on pre-cancerous spots or even malignant growths. No pain! No scarring! The Raspex SPF 30 contains Sun Block and helps protect with Sun Block against Sun Burns and actually reverses Sun Damage if applied within four hours of the burn. The Raspex SPF 30 Skin Cream/Gel contains ellagitannins from the Meeker Raspberry Extract and is effective against burns, age spots, moles, warts, rosacea, rashes, poison ivy, etc. Boosts the skins immune system, maintains the skin suppleness, promotes healing, reduces scaring and improves fine capillary blood flow.​

Ingredients : Ellagitannins from raspberry seeds, ascorbyl palmitate, allantoin, shitake mushroom, linoleic ester & oat Protien.
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Remu International has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of Meeker Raspberry Capsules, Meeker Raspberry Powder and Meeker Raspberry Skin Cream to consumers, web suppliers, pet owners, health food stores and cancer clinics worldwide.

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