Meeker Raspberry Products

Raspberry ellagitannins are one of very few fruits that have been clinically shown to be transformed into beneficial levels of ellagic acid in the body.

Remu International has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of Meeker Raspberry Capsules, Meeker Raspberry Powder and Meeker Raspberry Skin Cream to consumers, web suppliers, pet owners, health food stores and cancer clinics worldwide. Raspberries contain one of the most powerful antioxidants known – a series of ellagitannins that are converted into ellagic acid in the body.

Pat Andersen

Raspberry seeds contain many more times the ellagitannins than the fruit at one-tenth the cost. It’s your choice, whatever form you may decide to use – the take home message is: “Eat your ellagitannins!”

Raspex 30

Protects to a level of SPF 30f or both UVA & UVB. Rub this cream on pre-cancerous spots or even malignant growths. No pain! No scarring! The Raspex SPF 30 contains Sun Block and helps protect with Sun Block against Sun Burns and actually reverses Sun Damage if applied within four hours of the burn

People are turning to alternative forms of medical treatment and prevention. Not only is the medical delivery system failing but, our costs for heath services are rising at an astronomical rate. What this means for the medical consumer is that we need to be more responsible for our own health.

We need to look at prevention instead of always looking to health care providers to “fix” what exposure to a toxic environment and/or years of unhealthy lifestyle practices have wrought. The quality of medical care is uneven at best. Too often, our insurance providers do not cover necessary tests and procedures, especially those of a preventative nature. However, we can become involved in our own health care. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is a good start towards preventing disease. Unfortunately, current test show that our soil is severely lacking in many minerals or electrolytes and other components that are essential for proper nutrition.

It is necessary to sometimes take supplements as it may not be physically or economically possible to eat enough food to get the proper nutrition. In addition, the cost of fresh fruits and vegetables can be prohibitive. For instance, unless you grow your own raspberries, the cost of the American Cancer Institute’s recommended daily bowl of the whole berries could run as high as $300 a month. Not only that, but research has shown that the ellagitannin content is much higher in the seeds then in the fruit. In addition, the powdered seed may be much more bioavailable then the whole fruit, especially so for the short carnivorous gut of the cat or dog. So nutraceutical supplements appear to be the answer.


*This information is not intended to take place of medical advice. You are advised to consult your medical doctor or other qualified health care professional regarding treatment of your medical conditions.